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Digital wallets enable comprehensive compliance

Imagine someone walks into your office, hands you a printed copy of their background check, and asks when they can start the job. Would you hire them on the spot? Of course not. Nearly all paper documents can be easily faked, photoshopped, or forged. The same goes for PDFs and...

Know Your Applicant by implementing identity verification

In the rapidly evolving landscape of employment, tenant, and volunteer background screening, Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) find themselves at a critical juncture. As the gatekeepers of trust and security, CRAs must navigate the challenges posed by the rise of remote work, the increasing complexity of compliance requirements, and the ever-present...

Lucian Buzzo

Stable sorting in Prisma

At Cerebrum we recently came across a tricky bug, where we would see records being repeated when paginating through a list of records. The pagination was implemented in a simple way, using skip and take arguments to retrieve a subset of records from the database, one page at a time....

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