Lucian Buzzo

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Lucian Buzzo

Stable sorting in Prisma

At Cerebrum we recently came across a tricky bug, where we would see records being repeated when paginating through a list of records. The pagination was implemented in a simple way, using skip and take arguments to retrieve a subset of records from the database, one page at a time....

Lucian Buzzo

You need to stop Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

In 2006, Jeff Bezos gave a keynote speech at MIT, where he introduced the concept of "Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting". In this address, Bezos discussed the challenging and often unseen tasks associated with managing a digital platform, which online business owners must confront. While these tasks may not directly contribute to...

Lucian Buzzo

How to use session context in Prisma

At Cerebrum we’re big fans of Prisma, as it makes it super easy to create and migrate data models. However, one difficulty we’ve found is that the middleware functionality offered by Prisma is essentially stateless and doesn’t give you an out-of-the-box way to access the context in...

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